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Rosso Coffee Roasters - Turning Point - Blend - 340g /2lbs

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House blend from Rosso Coffee Roasters

Sweetness ●●●○○ Acidity ●○○○○ Body ●●●●○

Chocolatey, nutty, and smooth

This coffee sees a little more development in the roaster to minimize the acidity, it hones in on the body to act like a warm hug. This Turning point is a coffee 50/50 blend with coffee from Santa Lucia, a natural Yellow Catuai from Brazil and Bumbogo, a washed Red Bourbon from Rwanda.

Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate, Mixed Nuts, Smooth

Recommended Brew Preparation

Espresso and Filter


340gr / 2lbs

Our Review of this product

Cherished Everyday Choice

"Turning Point has become a cherished part of our daily routine. Its balanced flavor is a delight that we look forward to every morning. It's a comforting blend that feels like home. Don't miss out on this daily delight!"

Adaptable Brew

"This versatile blend is a game-changer. Whether you're brewing a robust espresso or a smooth filter coffee, it adapts to your preference while maintaining its unique character. It's the perfect choice for those who love to explore different brewing methods."

Soothing and Warm Taste

"The soothing and warm flavor of this blend is like a 'warm hug' in a cup. Its low acidity and smooth taste create a comforting experience. The rich, chocolatey notes and mixed nut undertones add a layer of warmth that we can't get enough of."

Simplicity in Flavor Profile

"This blend celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Its straightforward flavor profile is a testament to the fact that a great cup of coffee doesn't need to be complex to be thoroughly enjoyed. It's a reliable choice for everyday consumption that you won't want to miss."

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