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Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Introduction to Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is a renowned name in the world of coffee. Based in Calgary, this coffee roasting company has been serving some of the best coffee in the region and beyond. The founders, Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb, are two individuals who fell in love with coffee and decided to leave their engineering careers to pursue their passion. Their dedication to quality and innovation has made Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters a beloved brand among coffee enthusiasts.

The Coffee Journey at Phil & Sebastian

Sourcing of Coffee Beans

The journey of a Phil & Sebastian coffee begins with the meticulous sourcing of coffee beans. The company is committed to sourcing exceptional single-origin coffee. They work directly with farmers in coffee-growing regions around the world, ensuring that they procure the highest quality beans. This direct trade model not only guarantees superior quality but also promotes sustainable practices and fair prices for farmers. Check out the Phil & Sebastian coffee Collection to explore their range of single-origin coffees.

Roasting Process

Once the beans reach Calgary, they undergo a carefully controlled roasting process. Phil & Sebastian use state-of-the-art roasting equipment to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of each coffee variety. The roasting process is both an art and a science, requiring a deep understanding of coffee chemistry and a keen sensory acumen. The result is a coffee that is rich, flavorful, and true to its origin.

Variety of Coffees and Espressos Offered

Phil & Sebastian offer a wide variety of coffees and espressos, each with its unique flavor profile. Among their offerings, "The Standard" is a standout product. Available as an Espresso, Filter, and Decaf, "The Standard" is a testament to Phil & Sebastian's commitment to quality and consistency. Each variant offers a distinct taste experience, catering to different coffee preferences.

The Unique Espresso Philosophy

At Phil & Sebastian, the espresso philosophy is simple: source and roast the coffee in a way that highlights its inherent qualities. Their espresso is a reflection of the coffee's origin, the careful roasting process, and the precise brewing technique. This philosophy is evident in their "The Standard" Espresso, which delivers a balanced, complex, and delightful espresso experience. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, Phil & Sebastian's espresso is sure to impress.

The Phil & Sebastian Experience

Overview of Local Calgary Coffee Shops

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters operates several coffee shops in Calgary, each offering a unique coffee experience. These local shops are not just places to grab a cup of coffee; they are spaces where you can immerse yourself in the world of coffee. From the moment you step in, you are greeted with the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee. The baristas, skilled in their craft, prepare each cup with precision and care. Whether you're ordering a classic espresso or trying one of their unique coffee creations, you're in for a treat. Visit the Phil & Sebastian coffee Collection to learn more about their local shops.

Review of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters has garnered rave reviews for their exceptional coffee and excellent service. Customers appreciate the quality of their coffee, noting the distinct flavors and smoothness. Their "The Standard" line, available as an Espresso, Filter, and Decaf, has been particularly praised for its consistency and taste. Beyond the coffee, customers also commend the friendly and knowledgeable staff, the cozy ambiance of the coffee shops, and the company's commitment to sustainability.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters Events

Phil & Sebastian also hosts various events to engage with the community and share their love for coffee. These events range from coffee tastings and barista training to discussions on coffee sourcing and sustainability. Participating in these events is a great way to deepen your understanding of coffee and connect with fellow coffee lovers. Keep an eye on their events page to stay updated on upcoming events.


Who owns Phil and Sebastian?

Phil and Sebastian is owned by Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb, two engineers turned coffee enthusiasts who started the company out of their love for coffee.

Who is the best coffee roaster in Calgary?

While it's subjective and depends on personal preference, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is highly regarded and often considered one of the best coffee roasters in Calgary.

Top 5 Roastery in Calgary?

In addition to Phil & Sebastian, other notable roasteries in Calgary include Rosso Coffee Roasters, Monogram Coffee, Analog Coffee, and Fratello Coffee Roasters.

Who is Rosso coffee roasters?

Rosso Coffee Roasters is another well-known coffee company based in Calgary. Like Phil & Sebastian, they are committed to providing high-quality coffee and have several coffee shops across the city.


In conclusion, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation in the coffee industry. From the careful sourcing of coffee beans to the meticulous roasting process, every step is carried out with a commitment to excellence. Their variety of coffees and unique espresso philosophy cater to a wide range of coffee preferences, ensuring that every customer finds something to enjoy.

Their local Calgary coffee shops offer a warm and inviting space to savor their exceptional coffee. The positive reviews and the community events they host further attest to their dedication to providing a remarkable coffee experience.

If you're a coffee lover, or even if you're just starting your coffee journey, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is definitely worth a try. Explore their coffee collection and try their "The Standard" line, available as an Espresso, Filter, and Decaf. You might just find your new favorite coffee.