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COVID-19 Updates

Last Update January 20:

January 20 update: Minimum order for free increase to reflect Canada-Post increase.

New: Extended Home Delivery Zone Services: Learn more here

Happy New Year 2021

Last Update November 19:

November 19 update: All the company was retrained on Covid-19 Processes and Policies. New Covid-19 free checklist for shipped order is now implemented.

Holidays pick volume: Delay are to expect for shipping due to canada-post extra-volume. Home Delivery may be affected too.

Last Update October 23:

November 04 update: Canada-Post just informed us of price increase in heavy and over size package. November to December, your shipment may take 1 or 2 more days due to high volume processed by Canada Post.

November 04 update: We have re-enforce our training and procedure to prevent Covid-19 spread during this flu saison.

Last Update October 23:

October 23 update: Free Home Delivery in Calgary for all order
October 23 update: Pick-Up temporary on hold
October 23 update: Covid-19 related processes improved (Getting Ready for second wave).

Last Update April 24th

Please revisit this page for updates to our operations during this challenging time. Information on this page supersedes any other info on our site!

April 24th update: Processing order time increase
April 21st update:
Free Home Delivery in Calgary for all order over $30
April 7th update:
Shipping delay with Canada Post for east provinces
April 1st update: Reworks pick up location new hours of operation see reworks website,

Thank you for checking in! We're happy to be able to keep sending you your favourite Calgarian products and items! Please be aware there may be delays processing orders, but we're doing our best. Thank you for understanding.

  • Online Orders: no changes, but we are busy, so there may be some delays. Canada Post and UPS are also operating, although shipping guarantees no longer apply, so can't promise shipping times.
    -> Reworks Pick-Up may be converted to Home Delivery depending on day of orders.
    ->The Devil's Head Coffee Pick-Up is still happening.
  • Home Delivery in Calgary: Free for order; Eligibility is calculated at checkout. For Delivery Option; Postal Code is validated. If you leave in Calgary and your postal code is not validating; contact us at

All orders are put in quarantine for 24 hours before being shipped or Delivered.

Thanks for reviewing our latest news, again we'll update this page if anything changes.

Be safe out there!

Customer Care Team